1) You can contact me and we can set up a time to talk and determine your specific nutritional needs and discuss any dietary restrictions.

2) I design a customized menu based on the information you have provided and we will set up a date and time for me to cook in your home.

3) All of the necessary ingredients will be purchased fresh in the morning before I arrive at your house.  

4) Once I arrive I will prepare several delicious meals which will be placed into glass storage containers, labeled with reheating instructions, and put into your fridge where you can enjoy them throughout the week.  

5) Finally, I will clean up your entire kitchen.

 Delivery options are also available.  Contact Chef Kevin for more details. 



Offering customized cooking lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to make easy, nutrient dense meals to help assist in their recovery including, therapeutic chicken and beef broth from scratch.  Detailed information and recipes that are specific to your condition are provided and prepared together in your home.  Tips on what to look for while shopping as well as assistance in redesigning your pantry to include healthy ingredients can also be provided.