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Meet the Chef

 Chef Kevin Bressani has always been passionate about food and nutrition. When he was a child he became interested in the culinary experience by watching great chefs such as Jacques Pepin and Julia Child on television. This interest sparked a desire to work in various restaurants and to travel around the world to places like Australia where he worked and learned on a biodynamic farm. Kevin also traveled to Belize to study the natural healing power of plants and herbs with traditional Mayan healers. Through these adventures Chef Kevin came to realize his calling to help others through health and nutrition. In 2009, he enrolled in the Natural Chef program at Bauman College in Berkeley, California. Kevin polished his culinary skills and expanded his knowledge of therapeutic cooking at Bauman College with 450 hours of hands on training and an internship at Three Stone Hearth, a community supported kitchen in Berkeley,CA. Chef Kevin is currently cooking for several clients throughout the bay area. His cooking philosophy emphasizes the use of whole, local, organic foods to provide every cell in the body with the vital nutrients and minerals needed to stay healthy and prevent disease.

Food is a powerful medicine and a vital component in our own longevity. Health and well being can drastically be improved by incorporating whole, organic healing foods into the diet. Studies show that disease thrives in an acidic environment.  Fruits and vegetables contain micro-nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals that help balance the natural pH level of the body therefore enabling it to remain healthy and strong.  Therapeutic foods such as lacto -fermented vegetables, bone broths, and various herbs and spices are just a few examples of foods that Chef Kevin uses to promote healthy digestion.  Protein is also a fundamental part of the diet and is essential in restoring the immune system.  It is important to include ample amounts of organic protein in the diet from either animal or vegetable sources.